About HALO Brake Discs

HALO brake discs offer excellent value, great looks and performance. Manufactured from high quality blanks in-house at Halo Precision Engineering right here in the UK using state of the art CNC machines and designed utilising CAD/CAM, HALO brake discs are available for most makes and models of vehicles.

HALO Performance brake discs are supplied as an axle set unless otherwise stated, they are suitable for everyday road use including fast road use and may also be used on tarmac track and loose gravel rally when paired with suitable brake pads.

HALO Performance Brake DiscsALL Grooved brake discs from any Brand are a performance upgrade and not designed for comfort, as such they can emit brake noises, some vehicles and brake systems are more prone to noise than others, however the noise is usually very low and doesn't normally cause any discomfort, if you experience high levels of noise then this would suggest there is a problem with the fitment, usually a brake caliper malfunction is the cause which could be sticking brake pistons and or worn caliper slides, should you experience excessive noise please inspect your fitment procedure carefully, pay close attention to the brake disc looking for unusual marks and or discolouration's to the disc surface comparing between each side as this can usually help identify which side may be causing your problems, then carefully inspect for the underlying cause, 99% of problems are found to be worn components and over looked fitting errors. 

If you are able to identify a genuine manufacturing defect with the product we have supplied please get in-touch with us illustrating the manufacturing defect and we can the proceed with a hassle free warranty claim, for used items a replacement will be offered, for unused items a refund or exchange will be offered.