Astra H VXR Front Brake Discs C Hook and Ferodo Pads

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A set of precision CNC machined brake discs in a C Hook design supplied with a set of Ferodo Brake Pads.

The grooves in the disc help with pad degassing and promoting parallel pad wear throughout the life of the brake pad. They also offer the finishing touches behind alloy wheels.

The discs can be used with standard pads or fast road or track pads.

Our manufacturing is done on high precision CNC machining centres capable of working to a tolerance of just microns, each disc is slotted or drilled to exact specifications.

* Diameter 321
* Thickness Max 28
* Thickness Min 25
* Height 44
* Bolt Holes 5
* Spigot 70
* Type C Hook
* Brand Halo Precision Engineering
* MPN 10000015179
* Fitment Position Front
* Country/Region of Manufacture United Kingdom